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Travel Health News Digest (19 February 2013 - 25 February 2013)

Mainland: Avian Influenza, human

Health Department of Guizhou Province in the Mainland reported that a man had died of H5N1 Avian Influenza becoming the 2nd fatality from the disease this year. Another city resident, a 21-year-old woman, had died from the same disease earlier this month.

(Source: ProMED-mail 23 February 2013)


Vietnam: Streptococcus suis infection

In Vietnam the Central Tropical Disease Hospital of Hanoi announced that 2 patients had died of Streptococcus suis infection. The authority warned people not to slaughter and eat diseased pigs to prevent from contracting the disease.

(Source: ProMED-mail 22 February 2013)


Pakistan: Hepatitis A

The valley district of Swat in northern Pakistan is experiencing a huge outbreak of hepatitis A.

(Source: ProMED-mail 20 February 2013)


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Novel Coronavirus Infection [Update]

The Ministry of Health in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has informed World Health Organization of another confirmed case of infection with the novel coronavirus. The patient was hospitalized on 29 January 2013 and died on 10 February 2013. To date, a total of 13 confirmed cases of human infection with the novel coronavirus including 7 deaths have been notified to World Health Organization.

(Source: World Health Organization 21 February 2013)


Cambodia: Avian influenza, human

The Ministry of Health of Cambodia confirmed one more human case of H5N1 Avian Influenza. The case was a 20-month-old boy from Kampot province. He developed symptoms on 6 February and died on 19 February. To date, 8 cases have been reported in the country.

(Source: World Health Organization Western Pacific Region 21 February 2013)


Spain: Mumps

In Spain, an outbreak of mumps affecting 193 people was reported in Vigo in Calicia.

(Source: ProMED-mail 21 February 2013)


Cote D' Ivoire: Yellow Fever

The World Health Organization Regional Office for Africa reported that 4 cases of Yellow Fever including one death were recorded In Cote D' Ivoire last year.

(Source: National Travel Health Network and Centre, UK 21 February 2013)


Nigeria: Yellow Fever

As of 8 February, 38 suspected cases of Yellow Fever were reported in 10 states in Nigeria. The affected states included Abia, Adamawa, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Benue, Gombe, Imo, Kano, Ondo and Sokoto.

(Source: National Travel Health Network and Centre, UK 21 February 2013)


United Kingdom: Novel Coronavirus Infection [Update]

The Health Protection Agency continued its investigation into a family cluster of novel coronavirus infections in United Kingdom. Amongst three members of the same family who have all tested positive for novel coronavirus, one person has died. This patient had an underlying condition that may have made them more susceptible to respiratory infections. The first patient in this cluster, who had recent travel history to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, is still receiving treatment. The third case, who had a mild illness, has recovered.

(Source: Health Protection Agency 19 February 2013)


Kyrgyzstan: Anthrax, human

A case of anthrax has been reported in Kara-Dobo village of Batken, Kyrgyzstan. The patient was hospitalized on 15 February 2013 and was receiving treatment.

(Source: ProMED-mail 19 February 2013)


Mexico: Avian Influenza, poultry

Mexico will slaughter 486 000 chickens after an outbreak of Avian Influenza which was detected in the central state of Guanajuato.

(Source: ProMED-mail 18 February 2013)


Spain: Leishmaniasis

The outbreak of leishmaniasis that has affected the southern municipalities of Madrid in Spain , such as Fuenlabrada, Leganes, Getafe or Humanes, near the green zones of Bosquesur.

(Source: ProMED-mail 17 February 2013)


Panama: Hantavirus Infection

Two cases of Hantavirus infection was detected in Tonosi district of Los Santos province, Panama. Both were hospitalized.

(Source: ProMED-mail 16 February 2013)


Egypt: Avian Influenza, human

A 36-year-old woman in Behera province, Egypt was confirmed with H5N1 Avian Influenza infection. The woman who had exposure to sick poultry passed away on 26 January 2013.

(Source: World Health Organization 15 February 2013)


USA: Salmonella outbreak

In USA, a total of 124 persons infected with the outbreak strain of Salmonella Heidelberg have been reported from 12 states since June 4, 2012. Most of the ill persons have been reported from two states, Washington and Oregon while consumption of chicken is the most likely source of this outbreak

(Source: Centres for Disease Control and Prevention 14 February 2013)


Chad: Yellow Fever

The Ministry of Health of Chad is launching an emergency mass-vaccination campaign against Yellow Fever from 22 February 2013, following laboratory confirmation of two cases in the country in December 2012. The two cases from Goz Beida and Guereda districts, were laboratory confirmation by a WHO regional reference laboratory for yellow fever.

(Source: World Health Organization 14 February 2013)