Travel health advice



Pre- travel checklist

  • Destination and type of accommodation.

  • Duration of trip.

  • Purpose: package tour, business, missionary, backpacking? Exposure to health risk varies with different travel style.

  • Hygiene standard of destination.

  • Special activities: high altitude trekking, diving, hunting, camping, etc.

Pre-travel consultation

  • If you have any medical problems, you have to discuss with your family doctor before travel.

  • Medications that need to be taken regularly should be carried as hand baggage.

  • Make a record of the medicines you are using.

  • Check with your family doctor or the Travel Health Centres of the Department of Health for the types of vaccines required. These may include vaccination against hepatitis A and B, yellow fever (required under the International Health Regulations if you visit certain countries in Africa and South America), typhoid fever, etc.

  • If you need vaccination, tell the doctor about any allergies you may have before receiving the vaccine.

Last revision date: 2 October 2019