Typhoid Vaccination

Vaccination schedule (injectable typhoid vaccination)

Vaccinations are commonly offered to children above five years of age. Children under two years of age are not recommended to receive vaccinations. Doctor' s advice should be sought regarding vaccinations to children between two to five years of age.

Typhoid fever prevention becomes effective about two to three weeks after injection. Travellers should allow adequate time for vaccination before departure to higher risk areas.

Minimum duration of protection is at least three years. Booster doses are desirable for those at continuous risk of infection.


Vaccination is recommended to those subject to unusual exposure to typhoid from occupation, those travelling to endemic areas and those living in areas of high endemicity.

Adverse reactions

A slight localised pain is frequent following injection. Inflammation or local induration is less frequent. A slight rise in temperature occurs in 1 - 5 % of cases.


Vaccinations should not be administered if the patient is known to be hypersensitive to one of the vaccine components (e.g. phenol, purified Vi capsular polysaccharide of Salmonella typhi). Please consult your doctor if you are pregnant.



Last revision date: 10 October 2012