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Travel Health News Digest (15 September 2008)

Asia: Cholera

In India, an outbreak of Cholera affecting about 70 people including 2 deaths was reported in West Bengal.
In Iraq, an outbreak of Cholera which killed 8 people together with more than 500 suspected cases was reported in Babil Province. The capital Baghdad also reported 6 Cholera cases.
In Pakistan, an outbreak of Cholera was reported in the northwestern region.
(Source: ProMED-mail 8 September 2008)


Southeast Asia: Dengue Fever

As of 2 August, 19 658 cases of Dengue Fever including 195 deaths were reported in the Philippines. Manila was seriously hit by the disease with 3 346 cases and 37 deaths reported.
In Vietnam, 36 900 cases of Dengue Fever including 33 deaths were reported in the country so far this year. Ho Chi Minh city was seriously hit by the disease with more than 6 100 cases whereas Ca Mau Province recorded nearly 5 000 cases.
(Source: ProMED-mail 9 September 2008)


India: Dengue Fever

India reported a total of 92 Dengue Fever cases in Delhi so far this year.
(Source: ProMED-mail 9 September 2008)


Sri Lanka: Leptospirosis

In Sri Lanka, 3 960 cases of Leptospirosis including 118 deaths were reported in the first 8 months of this year. The number of cases and deaths due ot the disease in 2007 were 219 and 34 respectively.
(Source: ProMED-mail 9 September 2008)


Indonesia: Avian Influenza, human

In Indonesia, the Ministry of Health announced 2 fatal human cases of Avian Influenza infection. Both fatalities occurred in Tangerang city of Banten Province. The first victim was a 38-year-old man who died on 10 July and the second victim was a 20-year-old man who died on 31 July.
(Source: ProMED-mail 9 September 2008)


Laos: Avian Influenza, poultry

An outbreak of H5N1 Avian Influenza was reported on a farm in Louangphrabang of Laos. Around 3 000 poultry have been culled so far.
(Source: Xinhuanet 9 September 2008)


USA: West Nile Virus Infection

As of 12 September, the Ministry of Health in California, USA has confirmed 162 human cases of West Nile Virus Infection this year, of whom 4 died. The dead were all elderly people above 60.
(Source: Xinhuanet 13 September 2008)


Fiji: Dengue Fever

An outbreak of Dengue Fever affecting 9 people was reported in Fiji.
(Source: ProMED-mail 9 September 2008)


Africa: Cholera

As of 31 August this year, 3 915 cases of Cholera including 90 deaths were reported in Guinea Bissau. The number of reported cases continued to rise and 10 out of the 11 regions of the country were affected.
In Rift Valley Province of Kenya, 5 deaths due to Cholera were registered in the last two weeks.
In Niger, an outbreak of Cholera which killed 3 people was reported in Maradi.
In Zambia, an outbreak of Cholera was reported in Southern Province.
In Mashonaland East Povince of Zimbabwe, the outbreak of Cholera continued to affect the province with at least 9 deaths reported so far.
(Source: ProMED-mail 8 September 2008)


Djibouti : Poliomyelitis

One case of Poliomyelitis was registered in Djibouti. The victim was a 2-year-old child from Ethiopia and it was believed that she got the infection in Ethiopia.
(Source: ProMED-mail 8 September 2008)