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Take precautions against dengue fever when travelling abroad

Dengue fever is now endemic in more than 100 countries in Africa, the Americas, the Eastern Mediterranean, Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific. This includes various popular tourist destinations for Hong Kong people including the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Travellers planning to travel in these areas should take precautions against the disease. Travellers returning from areas where dengue fever is prevalent should seek medical advice as soon as possible if they feel unwell and provide travel details to their doctors.

For more information on dengue fever, including the latest situation in neighbouring and overseas countries and areas, please visit the Centre for Health Protection’s thematic webpage at

Singapore: Dengue Fever [Update]

9 December 2020

As of 9 December, Singapore’s National Environment Agency reported 34,465 Dengue cases.

(Source: Singapore’s National Environment Agency 9 December 2020)


Taiwan: Dengue Fever [Update]

9 December 2020

As of 7 December, Taiwan reported 136 Dengue infection including 63 imported cases.

(Source: Taiwan Centers for Disease Control 9 December 2020)


South America: Dengue Fever

8 December 2020

The Pan American Health Organization have reported 2,163,354 total Dengue cases in the region through November 21, including 872 dengue related deaths. This puts the case fatality rate at 0.04%, the lowest recorded in the last 10 years.

Brazil continues to report the most cases and deaths with 1,378,592 and 500 deaths, respectively.

(Source: Outbreak News Today 6 December 2020)


Democratic Republic of the Congo: Chikungunya Fever

8 December 2020

In recent weeks, 227 suspected cases of Chikungunya Fever have been reported in the Kwango province in southwest Democratic Republic of the Congo.

(Source: Outbreak News Today 5 December 2020)


Uganda: Malaria

8 December 2020

The Uganda Ministry of Health reported 14,904,773 cases of Malaria infection in 2019/2020, a 42 percent increase when compared with 2018/2019.

(Source: Outbreak News Today 5 December 2020)


Malaysia: Rabies [Update]

8 December 2020

The Malaysia Ministry of Health has reported 8 cases of human Rabies infection in Sarawak so far this year. The eighth patient died after suffering from encephalitis.

(Source: Outbreak News Today 3 December 2020)